Frequently Asked Questions

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American Loyalty Card FAQ

For Consumers

57. Is ALC a credit card?
No, ALC is a money saving discount card.
58. Can I use my credit card with ALC?
You can use whatever method of payment the merchant accepts.
59. Is ALC a rewards card?
Unlike American Express, Capital One and most other credit cards that offer later rewards, ALC gives you an immediate 10% discount on your purchase of products or services.
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For Merchants

2. Do I need any equipment?
You need an Internet connection and either a desktop computer, laptop, tablet (recommended) or Internet capable phone. Having a credit card reader is strongly recommended.
3. Do I need an Internet connection?
Yes. You need a broadband, high speed or DSL or cable connection. Dial up connections do not work at this time.
5. What if I have more than on location?
Not a problem. Contact us and let us set you up
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83. Who or What kind of organizations are included in the NPO description?
Any organization the is so designated by the I.R.S. Code 503 (c) 3 or any other organization that qualifies as a "not for profit organization".
84. What is an example of an NPO?
Churches; Synagogues; Temples; Some Charitable Organizations; Some Service organizations such as Rotary International; Lions Clubs; Kiwanis; etc.
85. Most Non Profits do not have a business that sells anything. How can they participate?
Such Organizations have members who spend money. They also have constant contributors who are in position to give and give and give. Such contributors can become a constant source of money without having to be approached every year.
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For Job Seekers

65. Is there a cost to becoming a rep?
No. We do not charge people to work for the company.
66. Is there any kind of cash outlay?
Yes. You pay for your own business cards. You may also need a business license in the locality where you live.
67. What other kind of equipment do I need to be able to market this card?
Ideally you should have a smart phone or tablet with a wifi connection. You might also find a laptop very helpful.
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