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Save 10% on purchases

Savings is valid at participating merchants near you. Find out more! or Sign me up!

Businesses! Get 5% back

Get back 5% of the money your customers spend elsewhere! Find out more! or Sign me up!


Compare and Decide

Compare ALC to Coupons, Entertainment Books and Store Cards
FeatureA Loyalty CardCoupon/Entertainment
Store Card
  1. As long as the issuing store is in business
  2. At this time ALC is only in the United States
  3. Entertainment books are bulky. People usually leave them in the trunk of their car.
  4. Supermarkets use your phone number, but if you change your phone number, then you have to change it with the store, or someone else might get your credits
Can you use it forever?YesNoYes 1
Can you used it at any participating MerchantYesMaybeNo
Is it easy to use?YesMaybeYes
Is it convenient?YesNoYes
Does it give you a 10% discount on everything?YesNoNo
Can it be used in other states or countries?Yes2NoNo
Do I have to keep another card in my wallet or carry something with me?No!Yes 3Yes4

Calculate How Much You Can Save with A Loyalty Card

Use this page to calculate about how much money you can save with the A Loyalty Card.

Just put choose the kind of store/service, how many times a week you spend money there, and about how much money you spend. Then hit Submit, and we will show you how much money you can save.

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