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How Your Existing Business ROI Benefits from ALC

If your customer goes and spends some of his or her money at another business, do you get any of that money? Probably not, unless you are hacking into their bank account! Well, with A Loyalty Card, you can get part of that money without doing anything illegal!

Your existing business's ROI can be up to 400% simply by becoming an A Loyalty Card member merchant. When your customer's shop at other participating businesses, you get a piece of that customer's disposable income.

Average amount spent in your store:
Percentage of customer's disposable available funds:
Customer's disposable available funds:
Percentage of money spent in other participating stores:
Amount of money spent in other participating stores:
Total Customers:
Your Total Customers:
Number of Your Stores:
Total Cash Flow:

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Transaction Flow Chart
Where The Money GoesTotal Customer SpendsSpent in My Store Merchant 1 Merchant 2 Merchant 3 Merchant 4 Cumulative
Bank$44,000.00$4,400.00 $13,068.00$8,712.00$9,504.00$8,316.00 
Back to Merchant$3,960.00 $10,454.40$6,969.60$7,603.20$6,652.80 
To ALC $653.40$435.60$475.20$415.80 
To Customer$440.00 $1,306.80$871.20$950.40$831.60 
From Referring Merchant $653.40$435.60$475.20$415.80$1,760.00

Return on Investment ( ROI )

You gave out: $440.00
You made: $1,760.00
Percentage Returned: 400%

Even New Businesses make money