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Using A Loyalty Card to fund raise

How Can Our Non-Profit Use ?

You can raise money for your school, church or other non-profit organization. Your school or church needs your help. So does your boy scout/girl scout troupe. Times are tough all over, and everyone is looking for a way to save a buck. It's not often that something comes along that offers you the opportunity to do something for others when the need is there. A Loyalty Card is just that kind of something.

The A Loyalty Card is free for individuals online. Your cost to join is free as well. How does it work?

  1. Your organization refers an individual to A Loyalty Card. From now on, that consumer will be "married" to your organization. All the person needs to do is give us his or her email address.
  2. The person goes to a participating A Loyalty Card merchant and tells the merchant he or she is an A Loyalty Card member.
  3. That customer receives a 10% of the gross sale immediately at the register.
  4. The merchant receives 80% of the gross sale immediately.
  5. The merchant pays 10% of the gross sale to A Loyalty Card for processing fees.
  6. Your organization receives 2% of that processing fee.

As you can see, depending on how many people your organization refers to A Loyalty Card, and how often those people shop at participating merchants, your bank account could get quite large. Just contact us for more information.

Everyone needs funds. That is a fact. Fund-raising, traditionally, has always been a one-sided activity. Someone gives and someone receives, and sometimes someone gets a tax write off.

Now comes the A Loyalty Card.

Everyone will be rewarded and everyone will benefit from participating.