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How A Loyalty Card worksGreen Olive Tree

You The Customer


10% discount for LIFE at ALL our participating Merchants and Services. Find all categories of businesses in your area on your computer, mobile device or smart phone.

Become our loyal customer, joining is FREE, or find out more about how the A Loyalty Card can save you money on your everyday shopping.

Merchants And Business Owners


Signing up with us is easy. Contact us and we will send an agent to you as soon as possible, or find out now how A Loyalty Card can improve your ROI.

A Loyalty Card Levels
Included FeaturesDirectory Listing OnlyParticipating Merchant
Business PageYesYes
Website LinkYesYes
Marketing Materials Yes
Green Tree on your listingsLets consumers know the business gives a 10%discount
Consumers know you give a 10% discount.
Up to 6 Categories
Get your choice of one primary plus up to 5 additional business categories.
Front Page Rotation Yes
Slider Rotation Yes
Profit Sharing
Receive 5% of the money your customers spend at other participating merchants.
Direct Deposit
ALC profit sharing funds paid directly to your bank account 3, no going to the bank. Any and all transaction into or out of merchants accounts will be performed by UMS Banking of Glendale California.
Verification One time non-refundable deposit of $1.00 USD to verify your account.


We welcome non-profits! Non-profits can certainly use A Loyalty Card to raise funds. We know you are doing something for your community, and we want to help you accomplish your goals. Learn how A Loyalty Card can help.

Looking for Field Agents and Representatives

Please contact us about becoming a field agent.

  1. There is no cost to join A Loyalty Card. To help you grow your business, we encourage you to sign up at least 100 new A Loyalty Card members. These will be your customers, and when they shop at other participating businesses, you will receive 5% of their purchase. If you already have a list of 100 or more customers and would like A Loyalty Card to input that list for you, we will do it for $100.00 USD.
  2. To participate in Direct Deposit your must have a bank account or debit card that accepts ACH transactions. You will need your ACH routing number and account number. Any and all transaction into or out of merchants accounts will be performed by UMS Banking of Glendale California.