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Why should my business participate in A Loyalty Card? The reason is simple: you want to make more money. Most business owners, traditionally, believe that to make more money they have to find new customers. Most business owners also know that their income is limited by the amount of money their customer/client is spending with them.

New Merchant Account

Referring Agent Information

If you do not have this information, please leave it blank. If an agent gave you a card, the information will be on the card.

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Passwords MUST not use the & ampersand character.

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Banking Information
If you do not have your bank account information with you now, you can sign the ACH agreement and furnish the bank account information later.

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ACH Agreement - Initial and Sign

I hereby authorize the A Loyalty Card, hereafter called the COMPANY, to initiate credit or debit entries to my account indicated below at the depository financial institution named below, hereafter called DEPOSITORY. I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my account must comply with the provisions of U.S. laws.

Recurring Debits and/or Credits: Periodic credits and debits for services.

For transactions that are a result of customers referred to this establishment: Debits

For transactions that are a result of customers that are assigned to this establishment: Credits

By checking this box, I am making my electronic signature and declare that I have read and agree to the above.

I agree to the above.
example of check showing routing number, account and check number

Merchant Agreement

Part I: With my signature below I agree to honor any individual who comes to my establishment and shows proof of membership in the A Loyalty Card (ALC), and give such individual no less than a 10% discount.

Part II: I agree that any individual who comes to my establishment and does business with this establishment as a member of the A Loyalty Card system will receive 10% discount on any purchases at this establishment (not to exceed $250.00 per single item). If the customer received his membership application from this business, no additional charges shall be generated at this time. If the customer received his participation membership from another business entity, an additional 10% (ten per cent) service charge will be generated for the purpose of rewarding the referring business as well as covering the cost of promotion, advertising and operation. Any such Charges will be deducted from any profits generated from the referral system.

Part III: I agree to participate in the A Loyalty Card program with the understanding that the program is a membership type program with a monthly membership fee of one hundred dollars ($1.00), I also understand that as soon as my business records and adds 100 (One Hundred) new member customers the monthly membership fee shall be permanently waived.

I am under no obligation to remain in this program and understand that I can terminate this agreement at any time; I agree to notify A Loyalty Card in not less than 30 (thirty) days prior to suspending participation. This agreement is offered free to the merchants. There is no cost or payment to A Loyalty Card for this agreement.

By checking this box, I am making my electronic signature and declare that I have read and agree to the above .

I agree to the above.
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