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Adrienne BoswellAdrienne Boswell

Adrienne Boswell is the developer and administrator of A Loyalty Card. She joined ALC in 2003, when Josef Rotter came to her with his exciting idea of giving consumers an across the board 10% discount that would also allow merchants to get 5% of the money their customers spend somewhere else.

Josef and Adrienne met when they were both working at Kennedy, Cabot and Co., a discount stock brokerage in Beverly Hills, California. She was the telecommunications manager and he asked for help with his computer. They have been friends ever since.

Spane BoswellAdrienne lives in Glendale, California, with her son, Spane Boswell. She is a single mother, and really enjoys doing things together with her son. She is teaching Spane HTML so he can someday take over her business, Arbpen Designs. Spane is a math wiz, and enjoys reading Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer books by John Grisham. He also enjoys reading HTML5 and CSS3 books, so he can be ready for the business.

Like his mother, Spane is a born performer. When he was in preschool, he was the played the part of the Turnip in their production of The Giant Turnip. He has been in his school's Chorus since first grade, and likes using different accents to entertain his mother.

Rolo 'Poppy' BoswellThey have a cat, Rolo, who seems to also want to learn HTML as he likes to sit on Spane's laptop, or play with Adrienne's keyboard. Rolo is a male Maine Coon, who is a year younger than Spane. When Rolo first joined the family, because of a very thick coat, it was thought that Rolo was a girl, and had a pink diamond collar and pink Barbie cat dishes. One summer it got so hot that all the undercoat was lost, and low and behold, Rolo turned out to be male. Adrienne calls him an LGBT cat!

Adrienne is also an award winning gourmet cook, and has her own cooking blog, The Good Plate, and has written a small cookbook, Wings. When you want an idea for something to make, don't forget to visit. She is also a contributor to the Food and Food and Drink boards on Pinterest, as well as her own boards. Please visit Adrienne Boswell's Arbpen at Pinterest boards. You can also reach Adrienne Boswell on Facebook.

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Adrienne is very much involved in her community, volunteers at her son's school, at their place of worship, and volunteered with Organizing for America (now Organizing for Action) during the 2012 Presidential race. She volunteered at the Democratic National Convention, and walked door to door for Proposition 8.