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Consumers FAQ

As a Consumers, find out the answers to all the questions you might have about the American Loyalty Card

Can I use my credit card with ALC?
You can use whatever method of payment the merchant accepts.
Do I get frequent flyer miles or other rewards?
Unlike most rewards cards, you get an immediate (not deferred) reward of 10% discount on your purchase of goods or services. There are no papers to fill out, nothing to mail in, no expiration date.
Do I have to use my real email account at ALC?
Your email address will not be sold, shared or otherwise given out to third parties. Please see our Communications Policy to see how we use your email address.
Is ALC a credit card?
No, ALC is a money saving discount app.
Is ALC a rewards card?
Unlike American Express, Capital One and most other credit cards that offer later rewards, ALC gives you an immediate 10% discount on your purchase of products or services.
Is everything always discounted?
It is at the merchant's discretion what is not discounted. The merchant should clearly show which product(s) do not have a discount.
Will ALC share my email address?
None of the information will be shared with any companies or entities that may become affiliated with the ALC unless you give written consent for such information sharing.