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As a NPO, find out the answers to all the questions you might have about the American Loyalty Card

Can the NPO also assume the role of a participating merchant?
Can the NPO use the app as a secondary source of fund-raising?
Yes, if for-profit businesses you refer become participating merchants you will be treated as a referring agent and earn additional money.
Is there a cost to the NPO to participate as an NPO?
No. It's free for an NPO to participate, and free for your members.
Most non-profits do not have a business that sells anything. How can they participate?
Such organizations have members who spend money. They also have constant contributors who are in the position to give and give and give... Such contributors can become a constant source of money without having to be approached every year.
What is an example of an NPO?
Churches; Synagogues; Temples; Some Charitable Organizations; Some Service organizations such as Rotary International; Lions Clubs; Kiwanis; etc.
Who or What kind of organizations are included in the NPO description?
Any organization the is so designated by the I.R.S. Code 503 (c) 3 or any other organization that qualifies as a "not for profit organization".