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Job Seekers FAQ

As a Job Seekers, find out the answers to all the questions you might have about the American Loyalty Card

Are there any "benefits" connected with this opportunity?
Are there any production quotas involved?
No. The sales person is only answerable to himself.
Are there no "Included benefits" in the job opportunity?
As an independent contractor (Subject to the 1099 income) there are no included benefits.
Are there retirement benefits?
Assuming that the sales person is serious, a special formula is in place that offers a retirement opportunity second to none. For details please contact us.
Do you train?
Yes. We train. We also hold your hand for the first few weeks so that you can feel secure in your knowledge when you go out to close the deals.
How is residual income for sales people calculated?
The residual income to the sales person is equal to a percentage of the net profit that the account realizes every month.
How much is the percentage of the net profit?
That depends on the contract that is signed with the sales person.
How often do you pay your sales people?
Sales commission is paid regularly within 48 hours of the sales being completed.
How often does the sales person receive residual income?
Every Month (on or about the 20th of the month).
If I have a sales force already in place, can I include them and earn some kind of override?
If I refer sales persons to your company, can I get some kind of referral or bonus?
Is there a cost to becoming a rep?
No. We do not charge people to work for the company.
Is there any kind of cash outlay?
Yes. You pay for your own business cards. You may also need a business license in the locality where you live.
Is there any other kind of financial rewards to the Sales force?
Yes. Sales persons also earn residual income from every account that they open.
What do you mean by "hold your hand"?
We do, what is known in the army vocabulary as OJT, which means On the Job Training. Every step of the way we will be by your side until you are confident enough to do the next step in the process.
What kind of benefits are connected with this opportunity?
Assuming that the sales person actually works the business, he makes enough money to afford any and all of the benefits he or she consider necessary.
What other kind of equipment do I need to be able to market this card?
Ideally, you should have a smart phone or tablet with a wifi connection. You might also find a laptop very helpful.